Hi! I'm Rnjai ("run-jay").


  • Running in Delhi Roorkee.
  • Previously, ran in the Bosque de Chapultepec park in Mexico City from May-Nov'23 (covers 1,695 acres - double the size of Central Park). Began running again in 2023 after 2015.
17 km141 min01/14/24
16.5 km130 min10/26/23
16 km136 min10/19/23
15.1 km108 min12/14/23
12.3 km92 min10/31/23
11.1 km92 min09/26/23
10.1 km82 min09/21/23
10 km84 min09/15/23
Older runs
  • Sitting still
131 min02/18/24
106 min02/26/24
101 min02/25/24
97 min02/26/24
93 min02/24/24


  • Acoustics
  • Memory (Music, Speeches)
  • Rubiks Cube
  • Logic
  • Philosophy
  • Cognitive Science
  • Math
  • Deep Learning
  • Speed Reading
  • Writing - Converting a 35K word journal into coherent pieces
  • Spanish - Reading and improving my Spanish
  • Physics
  • Memory - Tools for memory (Revisiting after >1 decade)
  • Chess - Revisiting after >2 decades and reading some classic books to ramp up
  • Wordle


  • I was the CTO at a Series B Mexican FinTech, where I joined as employee #3, growing the team to 80 engineers managing 5M+ customers and 15M+ annual transactions.


  • Are conformity, expectations of consistency and going after some concept of happiness the most widespread addictions?
  • Are distractions, procrastination "natural" ways to cope with the expectation consistency drilled in via education/ society?
  • Sleep wipes off memory daily. Society (science, politics etc.) is built by holding onto memory. What's the appropriate balance between these?
  • Is adversity the most reliable way we get good at things. Several top musicians, founders and biographers have emphasized this, are there alternatives?
  • Is it possible to transfer capability from one domain to another? (live experiment being done above ^)
  • Are companies the most efficient way to build complex systems of people producing leverage in the form of technology?
  • What is the optimal recursive breakdown to constituents of a goal, without getting lost in long potentially lossy chains of dependency? (market-product, product-founder, founder-culture, culture-employee, question-answer)
  • Are current forms of communication (even language) the most effective and accurate way of conveying information? How can each mode of communication or a combination of them be personalized, optimized for effectiveness?
  • What makes good books, companies or work good? Some form of fit, more with less or expressiveness (concision, semantics) are the common themes but there's a pinch of magic and intelligence beyond any reductionism.
  • What is interest in an activity? The general systems of society (education with its inflexible formats) lead to passive engagement for most individuals.
  • What is the relation of a person from one day to another day? Does the entity that makes a decision exist after the decision? Judging by the time it takes people to correct mistaken decisions, it seems no.
  • Progress of time should grow a team's (individual's, technology's) effectiveness and efficiency. This seldom happens. Why?
  • How should we make the whole greater than sum of the parts, every second or is there a limit up to which this can be done?
  • Setting goals often leads to underperformance or self destruction. Why?

If you're interested in discussing, feel free to DM me on Twitter!


Some things I enjoy learning and talking about:

  • Concentrated effort - Some experiences, in just days or weeks, bring to bear a concept that has previously taken years of trickle-like, lukewarm or incorrect effort while not reaching its intended effect. Doing 10 hours of yoga a day in November - December, 2017 is one such experience where I was able to hit previously elusive flexibility goals.
  • Education theory - Every individual component of education ex. writing, reading etc. has a range of outcomes. At its highest, the carrying out of an activity would be characterised as mastery, which apparently cannot be taught. Education then becomes forcing hundreds of things ex. writing an essay, reciting a poem etc. mostly with mediocre outcomes leading to confused motivations. Should one do something if the output is just about equal to input and a struggle overall? Most people continue through education despite setbacks and then solve problems unrelated to the core issue of not having fit in. These foundational mistaken actions (being forced to act without self reflection and progressing through seemingly obvious paths) over decade(s) persist and continue to effect people's actions for years. Let's look at the roots not the leaves.
  • Individual-location, location-home and home-furniture fit - Mexico has been my most conducive location, leading to the most productive period in my life. Weather and environment do determine alot. Cumulatively, I've moved 30 homes over the last 5 years in search of the perfect place. Moving to Queretaro within Mexico in 2021 has been the most serene and uncluttered place I've lived in, marking a period of subtle discovery in life.


  • Shifted 30 homes over 5 years in Mexico, eventually building a 60 point house selection criteria
  • Missed 5+ flights between 2018-22. Reasons include deployment to AWS (twice), misreading 11 am as pm, not having a transit visa, misreading COVID test results etc.
  • Have 5700+ books in my reading list
  • Did a 2 month 10 hours a day Yoga course in 2017 in India, while working and waiting for my Mexican visa
  • Have taken over 700 interviews to hire 100 engineers and run large hiring drives - evaluating 4000+ candidates from 30+ universities
  • Gave GMAT 6 times, ending up with 770 and developed an t4qinterest in logic